Presentations on Leadership and Fundraising

Case Consulting Services draws on more than 30 years of fundraising experience to provide clients with a comprehensive portfolio of proprietary workshops and presentations. Our in-depth knowledge of fundraising best practices allows us to customize each program to meet the specific needs of nonprofit organizations of all sizes and in a wide variety of sectors.

Art of the Ask®

Art of the Ask® (AOTA) enables you to build better relationships and raise more money on behalf of your nonprofit.  This foundational program was developed and presented by Ben Case based on more than three decades of experience helping nonprofits achieve success.  AOTA shares the principles of pro-active, relationship-based major gift fundraising.  AOTA develops your fundraising skills and applies these principles to building your nonprofit’s major gift culture.  It is designed to benefit participants of all skill and experience levels, including fundraising staff, senior management, fundraising volunteers and board members.

Art of the Ask® is highly interactive with time for questions, real case studies, and role play.  You will leave more confident in your ability to ask a prospect one-on-one for a major gift.  The program also enables participants to develop a common fundraising language to improve communication and understanding.

The Art of the Ask® training program includes:

  • Discussion of the importance of “team” in fundraising and everyone’s specific role to maximize your nonprofit’s fundraising success
  • Fact-based proof that relationship-based, proactive, volunteer-involved major gift fundraising is the best, most effective and most efficient method for raising funds
  • How to build relationships based on the Six I’s of Fundraising®, a proven method for fostering effective relationships with individuals, corporations, and foundations
  • How to plan for and execute a good visit based on a shared, desired outcome
  • How to ask for a gift, including the Seven Rights of Fundraising®
  • Suggestions for impactful, personal stewardship that involves staff and volunteers

Many volunteers are reluctant to ask for gifts from friends and acquaintances.  Art of the Ask® teaches that asking for support is an extension of your belief in your nonprofit, its mission, and your nonprofit’s future.

Art of the Ask® is designed as a six hour program. Case Consulting Services customizes the content of AOTA to fit the specific needs of each client; two- or four-hour formats are also available.

Recent Testimonials

“In my 30 years of attending fundraising presentations, yours was the best.  You were terrific in terms of stating clearly defined objectives, working off a logically flowing outline, utilizing very helpful handouts, and conducting yourself in an easy-to-follow manner. You’ve been given high marks from the attendees in the feedback I’ve received. Let’s look for ways we can partner together further!”  (Senior nonprofit executive – June, 2011)

“This had real information I can use.”  (Early-career fundraising professional – September, 2011)

“Very helpful, great discussion. Let’s do this again.”  (Board member/fundraising volunteer – August, 2011)

“Ben is a gifted communicator; this training exceeded my expectations.”  (Nonprofit CEO & President – September, 2012)

Creating and Maintaining a Strong Major Gift Culture

In this action-oriented presentation, Ben Case provides a roadmap for you to build a strong “major gift culture” at your nonprofit. This two-hour presentation starts with a review of the concepts of major gift fundraising, program development and culture, then takes you through the necessary steps to create, maintain and grow your own major gift culture. You will learn the vital role of your organization’s leadership in creating this culture, as well as how to reach out to your key stakeholders to support you in this endeavor. Time is allocated for discussion.

The Lost Art of Listening

The ability to listen, and hear, another person is critical to building strong relationships, in fundraising and in life. Yet few of us have ever actually studied the art of listening. In this workshop, you and your staff will gain the skills to listen more effectively so you can build better relationships with your prospects and donors, and even family and friends. The session includes a one-hour lecture plus Q&A, and can be expanded to include role playing and video observation.

Planning Your Campaign

Nothing in fundraising is as exhilarating – or intimidating – as a campaign. Whether it’s your first campaign or your latest, the planning process inevitably blends uncertainty, hope and excitement. In this two-hour presentation, Ben Case guides you through the key elements of successful campaign planning, shares how to avoid common pitfalls, and provides insights that will help your nonprofit meet, and even surpass, your campaign goals.

The Impact of a Comprehensive Campaign

Get your team fired up and focused on the outcomes that are possible from a comprehensive campaign.  The impact of a campaign is far greater than the dollars raised.  What are the three challenges your team must confront?  How do you overcome these challenges?  How can your team take advantage of the opportunities to transform themselves, your fundraising culture and your nonprofit?  We present the answers and launch your team to a transformational campaign.

The Role of the Board in Fundraising

This popular presentation provides an overview of what your organization’s board, and individual board members, must do to serve your nonprofit well. In particular, we focus on the board’s vital role as fundraising leaders, outline principles for world-class fundraising, and suggest ways to engage your board members to help identify, cultivate and steward donors for your organization. This two-hour presentation and discussion is offered in two versions: one for secular organizations and another for Christian nonprofits based on 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

Working With Boards and Volunteers

Your organization’s volunteer network gives you access to people you might not otherwise meet, and can inspire and guide your nonprofit to new heights. How do you engage the best volunteers to help you in a manner that is useful to you and meaningful to them? This one-hour presentation looks at the pros and cons of volunteer involvement, then shares best-practices to manage volunteers, set expectations, teach, engage and hold volunteers accountable.

Getting Your President, Deans and Directors More Involved in Fundraising

While raising funds may be a priority for your dean or president, it is just one of many important duties they must juggle every day. In this one-hour presentation, you will learn time-proven strategies to effectively engage and manage your organization’s leaders to help them share their passion, build relationships with your donors and position them for fundraising success.

Majoring on the Majors:  Spending Time on What is Most Important

Priority setting and focus are skills critical to the success of every fundraiser and fundraising program, especially in these days of limited resources. This 90-minute workshop will help you define your personal and organizational “major” fundraising priorities and identify your time-sinks, then will teach you how to “major on the majors” by blocking time for your priorities so you can stay committed, consistent and accountable.

Developing Goals and Individual Metrics for Success

This presentation walks you through what and how to measure for success, both organizationally and individually. You will learn the importance of using metrics that are tailored to the realities of your specific program; that are collaborative, consistent and shared; and that take into account the various stages of fundraising. Over the course of 90 minutes, you will learn best-practices to measure effort and results, about measurement of “leading indicators” and how to use metrics that can be reported simply on your dashboard.

Building a Successful Planned Giving Program

In this one-hour presentation, Ben Case shares wisdom gleaned from more than three decades in fundraising. Ben began his development career when he was hired to build a planned giving program at Catawba College, where he was trained, coached and mentored by some of the legends in the planned giving world. He has since helped build dynamic, highly successful planned giving programs at numerous nonprofits. The insightful principles and proven actions Ben shares will help your organization raise more planned gifts to benefit generations to come.

Managing Major Gift Prospect Movement

What is “moves management,” and how can it assure your success as a fundraiser and relationship builder?  This one-hour presentation provides best-practices to institute and follow a moves management system to help your organization build relationships with prospective major donors, and a logical method to move those relationships forward at the best possible pace.

Working In a Small Shop

Working in a small fundraising shop can be very rewarding. In this one-hour presentation, we discuss the differences between large- and small-shop fundraising and show you how to develop a fundraising team and programs suited specifically to the small-shop environment, including how to staff key programs and leverage volunteers to optimize your results. Your shop may be small, but it can still be world-class – and this presentation will provide you with valuable tools and points to consider as you plan for your success.