Tip o’ The Morning

One of the greatest blessings in my life has been getting to know Frank Cerutti.  He and I share a similar philosophy on the art of fundraising.  Frank devotes at least two hours each day to learn and read new information, ideas, processes and procedures relevant to this art.  Through Frank’s discipline and dedication, he crafts these one-minute jewels of information that he has graciously allowed Case Consulting Services to offer through email six days a week.  Feel free to contact us to be included on these emails or sign up through the link provided.  We are extremely grateful to Frank for his diligence and devotion to these Tips and are proud to offer them to you; as always, your thoughts are welcomed.

Tip o’ The Morning has been grouped into six topics: Identify, Cultivate, Solicit, Steward, Fundraising Lessons and Life Lessons.  We have heard numerous testimonials on how these brief reads have transformed the way fundraising is being done.  It is not uncommon to find development offices across the nation having their entire staff signed up.

Here we have compiled the “Best Tips” – those that our readers have most benefited from and enjoyed.  Feel free to navigate through this collection as a resource.  We will update frequently as new Tips will be added.  And again, your thoughts are always welcomed.

Some Recent Tips...